LINDENHURST - A Lindenhurst family adopted a dog from a shelter, but when the pooch was brought home, its owners realized something was not right.

Nancy Fiano's daughter, Isabella, was overjoyed to find Golgi at a shelter and to have the chance to save his life since the dog was set to be killed the next morning.

However, on the ride home, the pooch got ill. An X-ray at the veterinarian's office revealed that Golgi swallowed a 9-inch wrench.

"You see them eat socks, corn on the cob, rocks, acorns - I've never actually seen one eat a wrench," says Dr. John Corso, of the Sachem Animal Hospital.

Fiano says she believes the staff at the Brooklyn Animal Care Center knew something was wrong with Golgi, so now she wants them to pay for the dog's treatment, which so far has cost about $6,000.

The animal hospital treating Golgi is accepting donations that would go toward his care. Doctors say with continued treatment, Golgi should be fine.