MANHATTAN - A Long Island family arrived at Ground Zero Sunday to honor a loved one who was killed, but was shocked to discover that his name was misspelled on the new 9/11 Memorial.

The name of Jeffrey Schreier that was etched into the stone on Panel 31 of the north pool switched the letters "R" and "E" in Jeffrey.

Schreier's sister, Janice Hart, of West Hempstead, says her brother's name is all her family has since his body was never recovered.

"My parents are Holocaust survivors, all my relatives [have] no graves, no remains," she says.

When Hart complained about the error, she says the Memorial Organization first blamed her, but later recanted, admitting that it was a clerical mistake in the database. In a statement, the group apologized to the family saying, "As soon as we found out about this error, we began working on how to make it right."

Hart believes the misspelling was likely an honest mistake, but once it's fixed, she says she would like to be given some private time at the memorial to honor her brother's memory.