MINEOLA - A 6-year-old girl from Gaza who sustained severe burns has undergone a life-saving surgery on Long Island.

Through a translator, Ikram al Shamali says in 2009, the sounds of a bombing next to their hometown of Rafah jolted her daughter, Nebal Hani al Shamali, and she ran into a pot of boiling water, which scalded her.

Two years later, the girl and her mother made a six-day dangerous journey from Gaza through Egypt and finally reached Long Island.

Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh, of the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, says Nebal Hani suffered debilitating fourth-degree burns that would have her waking up screaming at night.

The girl spent nearly a month at South Nassau Communities Hospital before and after the six-hour surgery to repair the damage to her legs.

Nebal Hani will stay for another week on Long Island before heading home.