BALDWIN - Long Islanders with a taste for history and adventure need look no further than a place off the South Shore known as Shipwreck Alley, which has been home to sunken ships since the early 1800s. A group of local explorers headed out in search of the Iberia, which sank in 1888 six miles off Jones Beach Inlet following a collision with another ship. Diver Ed Slater, a construction worker from Patchogue, found a huge compass cover from the ship. It took several dives and hours of painstaking work to extract the find. A crew of divers also found the steering wheel of the ship and wooden boxes containing golden dates which no human had laid eyes on for over 120 years. Some of the divers say it's all about the thrill of finding sunken treasure and uncovering a piece of history under water."I always hope to find the gold treasure trove, but that's kind of a pipe dream," says explorer Nick Sennott, of Ronkonkoma.

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