NEW YORK - A Long Island couple had a close call Sunday after air conditioning equipment fell from a crane in Manhattan and destroyed their car.

Officials say just before 11 a.m., a crane was lifting air conditioning equipment to the top of a building on Madison Avenue between 38th and 39th streets. The load then broke free and tumbled 28 stories down, raining debris and chunks of the building onto the street below.

Gregory and Priscilla Welch, of Elmont, says they had just dropped off their daughter in their Mazda 30 seconds before the debris started falling. She had been sitting in the backseat, where most of the damage took place.

"Somebody screamed out 'look out' and we started to hear like rocks hit the car," said Gregory Welch. "And we had a heavy impact. It hit the back."

Priscilla Welsh was driving at the time of the accident. She and her husband said they were amazed they came out with only minor injuries.