PATCHOGUE - While thousands of Verizon workers continue to demand a new contract, some local businesses say the ongoing strike is hurting their bottom line. Mark Maguire, of J.N. Grace Insurance in Patchogue, says someone clipped his Verizon phone lines Tuesday and his service hasn't been restored since, which is a major problem since he says 90 percent of his business is done over the phone.Verizon has now enlisted the help of the FBI to look into more than 90 alleged incidents of sabotage that have been reported since last Sunday, when about 45,000 workers went on strike. "We do not condone vandalism, and I really am hard-pressed to think that my members caused this vandalism," says Local 1108 union president Bob Morrow.Morrow says his members just want the wages and benefits they believe they are entitled to.

Verizon files injunction against unions on strike