HICKSVILLE - While many Long Island residents see snow as a big pain, it means big profit for some businesses.

It has been an exceptionally busy winter at Long Island Power Equipment in Hicksville. The business has been performing hundreds of repairs and has hundreds of parts on back order.

"Tomorrow and Saturday they'll be beating the doors down again for whatever we have left and for whatever I can scramble and order and get in," says Phil Rush, of Long Island Power Equipment.

Sleds are also in high demand this winter. At Sun and Ski in Plainview, there were only three sleds left in the entire store.

Some Long Island residents also see snowy weather as a money-making opportunity. Jonathan Pape, who has a side job of snowplowing, flew in from Disney World last night just in time for the storm.

"Plow money is great money,” says Pape. “What else are you going to do in a snowstorm?"