MINEOLA - The full Nassau Legislature is set to hold a public hearing on the privatization of the county's bus system next Monday, but that's not soon enough for riders and workers who want answers about the proposed contract. People who ride on, and work for, LI Bus showed up to a meeting of the county's Rules Committee today to demand more information. They say they're worried about potential cuts to the public bus system once it goes private. Union workers who operate the bus system are worried about their pensions and benefits. Riders say they're worried about getting to work, school, doctor appointments, and all other places the buses take them now.

Nassau Majority Leader Peter Schmidt says today's meeting of the Legislature's Rules Committee was not the appropriate place to ask. He says questions will be addressed at the public hearing on Dec. 5. LI Bus riders face no fare increase in privatization dealLI Bus riders fret over possible service changesPlan for private bus service has public up in arms