ISLIP TERRACE - A Long Island boy set up a lemonade stand this weekend, but the money he raised wasn't going to his piggy bank.

Oliver, age 7, was out selling fresh lemonade to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. His mom says a commercial on TV got him asking questions about the organization, and Oliver wanted to help.

"I just want them to stay healthy, so I'm doing a lemonade stand for that expensive medicine," Oliver says.

Last year, Oliver's mom says he raised $800 for the cause. He set up his stand again Sunday in the hopes that more money would help more kids.

"To the kids of St. Jude, I hope you get better very quickly," Oliver says.

This year, Oliver's mom says he raised $650. They will take the money to St. Jude's office in the city to deliver the money.