GARDEN CITY - State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has filed a lawsuit against the Long Island-based Coalition Against Breast Cancer (CABC), calling it a sham charity for misusing millions of dollars in donations. Hillary Rutter, the executive director of the Adelphi Breast Cancer Program, says she has been getting complaints about the Coalition Against Breast Cancer for more than 15 years. Now, Rutter teamed up with Schneiderman to shut down CABC.The lawsuit against the charity states that CABC misleads donors about how their money will be used and then diverts the funds raised to the organization's founders.Schneiderman says the St. James-based CABC has raised more than $9 million, much of which was spent toward huge salaries and excessive benefits to the directors, instead of on breast cancer treatment and research. "It's so hard to bring in funding to provide these free services, and here are these people lining their own pockets," Rutter says.

News 12 Long Island called the charity to respond to the lawsuit, but the calls went unanswered.Anyone who donated to the Coalition Against Breast Cancer is asked to call 212-416-8402.