BROOKHAVEN - Animal shelters find themselves taking in many pit bulls, but one Long Island center is taking steps to make the breed that has gotten a bad reputation more attractive to people.Dori Scofield, director of the Brookhaven Animal Shelter, says 98 percent of the dogs it cares for are pit bulls because they are not getting adopted. So, the shelter has decided to launch an obedience-training program in an effort to make pit bulls more adoptable. Volunteer handler Lou Manganello says with a little love and a few weeks of training, pit bulls are ready to live in a family.The program has been so successful in Brookhaven that half of the dogs that have gone through it have been adopted out. "It just shows you what wonderful pets these dogs can make, how obedient they can be, how they respond to training and commands," says Brookhaven Town Supervisor Mark Lesko. This Saturday, the shelter will graduate its first class of 20 dogs that went through the pit bull training program.Brookhaven Town Animal ShelterTuncay Adem, dog trainer: Canine Counsel