QUEENS - Authorities are being extra vigilant at Long Island's airports in the wake of the terror attack in Turkey.

Security experts told News 12 that low-security areas, such as outside drop-off areas, inside ticketing and pre-security shopping and food courts are getting extra attention. Terrorists targeted those areas during the attacks in Belgium and Turkey.

Commuters at LaGuardia Airport told News 12 that it would be a good idea to extend security to include the curb areas and ticketing zones.

Rep. Peter King (R – Seaford) says American airports need to consider the entire airport as a high-security area. He says adding visible police patrols, bomb-sniffing dogs and military personnel inside and outside the airport is needed.

King says the cost of added security should not outweigh the need for security.  

"We have to realize we are at war and we have to find a way to get the money," says King. "It's much more important to save lives then it is to save a few dollars."

Most of the 450 airports in the United States are patrolled by local police.