LEVITTOWN - A second Long Island family is blaming Petco in Levittown for the death of a bulldog.

Michele DiMaggio's bulldog puppy died last year following a training class at Petco. DiMaggio says she was at a loose-leash walking class when the trainer restrained her dog.

“Her paws came off the ground once she came down, she immediately collapsed,” says DiMaggio.

Autopsy results show the dog died due to fluid in her lungs.

Longtime bulldog breeder Karen Peterson warns that bulldogs easily get stressed and overheated so it’s important to know how to properly handle them.

“If you don't know immediately what to do, the dog will die because they get foam in their throat,” she says. “They overheat and they go into cardiac arrest.”

Petco wouldn't go into specifics about either case, saying only that its groomers get basic health and safety training, which includes CPR, but trainers do not. Petco also claims its groomers do not use heat or cages to dry dogs.