MINEOLA - Nassau lawmakers remain locked in a power struggle over how to come up with $40 million to pay tax refunds to residents and businesses, but a new bit of legislation would let County Executive Ed Mangano (R-Nassau) call all the shots. If approved, Mangano could take "any and all action he deems necessary" to cut costs for the county. The legislation would let Mangano freeze worker pay, order furloughs, reduce or eliminate county contributions to worker health care, and close any county department not mandated by state of federal law. Mangano says it would only be used in emergency circumstances, if the Legislature can't come to an agreement. As News 12 Long Island has reported, Democrats in the Legislature refuse to approve a measure that would let the county borrow the $40 million for refunds, arguing that Nassau shouldn't borrow its way out of spending problems. Republicans retort that they will not raise taxes and that the money has to come from somewhere.The Legislature will vote on the measure on May 21.Mangano: Tax hike likely if borrowing plan rejected Homeowners call on Nassau to pay $102M in tax challenges