BRENTWOOD - Officials are introducing new legislation that would make it more difficult for relatives to work together in school districts.

Assemblyman Phil Ramos says nepotism is a conflict of interest and that districts who do it undermine the integrity of their community. He also says the act is not fair to taxpayers. Former Brentwood Superintendent Michael Cohen agrees with Ramos.

Critics are complaining that Brentwood graduate William Moss is being considered by the school board for an administrative position because his mother, Helen Moss, is the school board president.

Ramos says he's proposing legislation that would prevent potential school board candidates from running for office in districts where they already have family members working.

Ramos has two proposals, the first would allow local school boards to decide whether to opt in to anti-nepotism laws. The other would create a statewide law.

The proposal would also make it illegal for sitting school board members to hire family members or relatives of any other school board member. News 12 reached out to the Brentwood school district for comments but did not hear back.