MELVILLE - Residents who live along Ruland Road in Melville say they've had enough with potholes and are demanding action, but there is finger-pointing over who is responsible for the repairs.

News 12 Long Island has been told there is a legal battle between the Town of Huntington and Suffolk County over who owns and maintains Ruland Road.

Neighbors are asking officials to repave the mile-long road, which could cost $1 million, but it remains unknown who will foot the bill. The Town of Huntington says it's been maintaining the road with minor pothole repair and snow removal as a courtesy to residents. Recently, however, it won two court battles saying Ruland Road is a county-owned road.

In a statement, Suffolk County said it's challenging the decisions, asserting that "this road is a town road, not a county road."

While the legal battle rages on, motorists such as Jennifer Witus, of Patchogue, say they are left to fend for themselves.

"A lot of people are going to damage their cars," she says.