MANHATTAN - A Nassau County lawmaker is voicing his opposition to a $400 million soccer stadium proposed for the area near Belmont Park.

Legislator Carrié Solages says he is not in favor of the 25,000-seat arena, and he brought hundreds of petitions against the project to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office in Manhattan today. Solages says it is impractical to build such a massive building for a league that sells around 3,000 seats per game on average, and that he supports a different development plan for the area that includes a community center and shops.

"It's a project that really doesn't add up," says Solages.

A spokesperson for the Cosmos issued a statement saying the team's plan includes a hotel, nine restaurants and more than 200,000 square feet of retail, bringing in thousands of jobs and economic revenue. Solages, however, says that the project will not contribute to the region's economic development, despite these plans. Solages also says the current infrastructure will not be able to accommodate such a large influx of crowds and traffic.

While some residents agree that the financial boost would not be worth it and that a local stadium might lead to robberies or violence, others say the stadium could create new jobs for the unemployed and bring in more money. Richard DeBrosse, head of the Elmont Youth Soccer Club, says he thinks it is a great location for the stadium, and that fears of crime and more traffic are unfounded.

The ultimate decision on the stadium lies in the hands of the governor and the Economic Development Board.