HICKSVILLE - Town of Oyster Bay engineers toured the new $35 million parking garage in Hicksville today looking for leaks following the discovery of water dripping from the ceiling.

Workers say they identified about a dozen leaks at the facility over the weekend and yesterday cordoned off about 20 parking spots mostly used by LIRR commuters.

The old garage was closed in 2008 and then demolished after cracks were discovered in its concrete. The new facility opened less than three weeks ago.

Steve Solomon, the project manager for the new garage, says leaks can happen when the concrete joints aren't caulked. He says it is not uncommon.

"Unless you have a good rain, you're not going to know if you sealed 100 percent of that," he says.

Solomon says he needs two days without rain to finish caulking the garage. He hopes to have the work finished within a week.