HUNTINGTON - An elderly man has been reunited with his family after vanishing without a trace nearly a week ago.

Police say Lazslow Tar, 92, was discovered Thursday morning in a wooded area in Huntington, just one block away from his home behind Huntington Hospital. They think Tar, who was found shaking and filthy with dirt, stayed in that spot for the entirety of his disappearance.

Tar, who suffers from mild dementia, left his home on Friday to go for a short walk down Park Avenue toward Hecksher Park. When his son Julius went to pick him up a half-hour later, there was no sign of him.

The Tar family along with Suffolk police conducted a massive search over the next five days, scouring areas from New York City to Babylon.

His son says Tar is being treated at the hospital for dehydration, among other issues, but is expected to be OK. He says his father will continue to be allowed to go for walks on his own, but with a GPS tracking device on him at all times.