MINEOLA - The shutdown of Nassau County's crime lab has only been announced hours ago, and already attorneys are preparing to challenge convictions involving drug tests.

Longtime attorney Marc Gann says he and many of his colleagues will now go back and review thousands of cases that may have been affected by drug testing errors.

"Whether that's going to result in overturning any cases, setting aside any pleas or convictions, that remains to be seen," Gann says. "But it's going to bog the system down."

Attorney Brian Griffin was in court this afternoon, challenging the conviction of his client Erin Marino in a drunken driving case. He believes the lab results of her blood-alcohol content test were unreliable.

"We'll be following this up with other clients and other motions in other courts throughout Nassau County," Griffin says.

While the crime lab was first put on probation back in 2006, some attorneys say county officials should review even older cases just to make sure.

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