LOS ANGELES - (AP) - A lawyer entered a no contest plea Wednesdayfor Lindsay Lohan in the theft of a necklace, setting the stage fora summer of confinement, counseling and community service.

Defense attorney Shawn Holley made the plea for the actress, whodid not appear in court in the misdemeanor case involving a $2,500necklace taken from an upscale shop in the Venice area of LosAngeles.

Lohan, 24, did not acknowledge guilt through the plea, but thecourt will log the case as a conviction.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Lohan said she is glad to put anecklace theft case behind her and hopes other people will too.

"I think the media spotlight should be on issues such ashomelessness and domestic violence instead of me," Lohan said.

Judge Stephanie Sautner ordered Lohan to serve a 120-day jailsentence and remain on probation in a 2007 drunken driving casewhile she completes 480 hours of community service and undergoespsychological counseling.

The producers of her next film said Lohan has started fulfillingher community service requirements at a Los Angeles women'sshelter.

The judge ordered the additional counseling after reviewing aprobation report that detailed a series of relapses by Lohan,including a positive test for alcohol in February, a little moremonth after she was released from rehab.

The report, prepared in February, also said authorities foundevidence the actress had been drinking while receiving treatment atthe Betty Ford Center.

Lohan had been sent to Betty Ford for three months of treatmentlast year after failing a drug screen. The report indicated she hadtested positive for cocaine and amphetamines during thecourt-mandated drug test in September