SOUTH HEMPSTEAD - A South Hempstead man has filed a lawsuit against Mercy Medical Center claiming he was burned during a 2011 MRI due to the hospital’s negligence.

Dominick Cagianese says he was burned during the routine procedure because hospital staff failed to remove the metal EKG leads attached to his chest before the MRI. The procedure left him with third-degree burns.

"I kept yelling and yelling and yelling,” he says. “And finally ... that was it, I felt I was going to die. I was burning to pieces, my chest was burning, my gown was burning up."

Cagianese provided News 12 Long Island with copies of his discharge papers. The papers say, "At the time of the MRI, Mr. Cagianese sustained burns to the left side of his lower chest and upper abdomen.  Apparently, the metal snaps of the EKG had been left in place inadvertently."

A Mercy spokesperson told News 12 Long Island that the hospital would not litigate the case in the media.