UNIONDALE - An attorney representing 75 Nassau Coliseum workers is filing a lawsuit against the county, claiming that his clients have been sickened by long-term exposure to asbestos.

"It's throughout the entire building," says attorney Joseph Dell. "It's not confined to the loading dock."

Dell says nearly every one of his clients is suffering from some type of a pulmonary issue, from dry cough to cancer.

State guidelines say asbestos levels above 1 percent are considered dangerous. Dell showed News 12 Long Island reports from three independent labs that show asbestos levels as high as 57 percent in some areas of the arena.

The attorney says federal inspectors from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are looking into whether the asbestos levels are hazardous to one's health.

In response, the county released a statement saying, "The administration has long stated the need for a new sports-entertainment venue as the Coliseum is the oldest un-renovated facility in the NHL."