CENTERPORT - A Centerport widow is suing the Suffolk County Police Department for allegedly failing to arrest the men responsible for beating her husband to death outside a beach club last year.

Private investigator Ed Dowd says surveillance video taken at the Centerport club shows men shoving the victim through a wall.

"They push him down three, four, maybe five times," Dowd says. "The last time, they push him down over this wall, breaking the wall. They sit on him here. And they kill him."

Dowd says Mike Divers was assaulted and found dead at the scene in August 2015. This week, the Divers family filed a civil lawsuit against Suffolk police and the county, alleging police failed to arrest two men who assaulted him before his death.

"I can't believe they haven't been charged for this," says Kristin Divers, the victim's wife. 

She says police have not allowed her access to the surveillance video from that night. But they did allow the family's private investigator and attorney to view the tape.

"My husband went to use the bathroom at the community house, which he's allowed to do," Divers says. "I thought he just went home, because he never came back to the beach. To find out these men killed him, 300 feet from where I was sitting with my friends..."

Diver's brother John also says he is outraged.

"Two people who were responsible were in the fight with him, and I think there is a third person, and I want them held accountable," he says.

And on top of the slaying, Kristin Divers says she received a letter a few months after her husband's slaying from one of the men allegedly involved in the assault. In it, he asked for her to pay his emergency room bills.

The Divers family is asking for $7 million in the civil lawsuit, but the widow says the money means very little.

"It's awful that he is not here with me," she says. "I miss him so much."