WOODBURY - Advocates of tougher laws to punish unlicensed and suspended drivers held an annual gathering in Medford Friday to pay tribute to a 14-year-old girl killed in 2008.

Dawn Nappi, of Holbrook, has been pushing for the adoption of "Angelica's Law" for years. Her daughter was killed after a driver with a suspended license ran a red light on County Road 101, causing a crash.  

The law would double fines and jail terms for unlicensed drivers who injure or kill someone.

"This should have been passed years ago," said state Sen. Carl Marcellino (R -Oyster Bay). "It reduces the number of suspensions that someone can get before you can charge them with something serious."

Assemblyman Dean Murray is now sponsoring Angelica's Law in the Assembly where the bill has died due to lack of support for the last several years.