NORTH HEMPSTEAD - Many residents in North Hempstead are calling on the Federal Aviation Administration to re-examine its Airport Noise Reduction Program.

Sen. Jack Martins says the jet noise from JFK is disrupting the daily routine of homeowners and even affecting their health.

"We know that there are health consequences from that, we know that people are going [to] face health consequences," says Sen. Martins. "We have to be honest with people and we have to make sure we measure properly. And we have to make sure the federal government and the FAA is doing everything they can to reroute these planes from overhead."

Martins says health studies have proven that jet noise causes hypertension and breathing problems. He wants the FAA to redirect approach and departure patterns to the south.

North Hempstead Town residents have filed more than 200 formal noise complaints this month alone.  

The FAA says it is studying the feasibility of noise reduction in its airports in cooperation with the airline industry.