WOODBURY - Lawmakers are considering a bill to eliminate the statute of limitations on some types of sex abuse, but it faces some opposition.

The move would be retroactive, and allow older victims to file sexual abuse claims a year after the bill becomes law.

Currently, when victims of certain sex offenses who were under 18 at the time of the crime become 23 years old, they can no longer file civil claims against individuals or private institutions.

The state Senate and Assembly both have similar bills to allow victims to bring claims against institutions after the time limit. Lawmakers say the bills have stalled in committees for years.

Michael Reck, an attorney for sex abuse victims, says the blame falls on lobbying groups that represent large institutions like universities and the Catholic Church.

"I suspect there would be a number of cases filed...and a vast amount of information about child abusers would come to light," Reck says.

"We want the bill to be more about protecting children and less about law firms making money," says state Assemblyman Joseph Saladino, one of the bill's co-sponsors.