WOODBURY - Members of the Law Enforcement Alliance want to know if Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano was involved with a controversy that led to the resignation of Nassau County Police Commissioner Thomas Dale.

Dale resigned last week after an investigation revealed he directed a detective to arrest a witness in a politically charged case.

Dennis Jones, of the Law Enforcement Alliance, says the organization wants more transparency. He says they believe there was some shadiness going on behind the scenes and that someone from Mangano's office may have known about it.

"Everything seems to be so secret and no one seems to want to give all the information about what took place," said Jones.

A spokesperson for the county executive told News 12 that their investigation has uncovered nothing to suggest that anyone within the administration had any knowledge of the case.

Nassau's Presiding Officer Norma Gonsalves says that she is satisfied with the District Attorney Kathleen Rice's investigation. She says the next order of business is to get a new police commissioner confirmed.