ALBANY - State lawmakers are scrambling to deal with two big legislative items on their plates before the session is adjourned on Thursday. One of the measures is Gov. Andrew Cuomo's teacher evaluation bill, which would restrict public disclosure of evaluations to parents only. The Democrat-led Assembly says it expects to pass the measure tonight, while the GOP-led Senate is still reviewing the measure.The evaluation bill has sparked much debate: some believe they should be withheld, some believe in limited disclosure, and others feel they should be fully released, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.Meanwhile, County Executive Ed Mangano (R-Nassau) was at the Capitol today, lobbying legislators to allow the county to borrow money to pay residents their overdue tax refunds. The Senate has introduced a bill that would allow Nassau to borrow $120 million without getting the approval of NIFA, the watchdog agency currently overseeing the county's finances. The chances of that bill's passage are considered slim, but Mangano says he is still in discussion with lawmakers.