LAKEVIEW - A street in Lakeview was renamed on Saturday to honor a hometown hero who was wounded while serving overseas.

Army Sgt. Robert Scott suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving in Kuwait during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2009.

Scott attended a special ceremony in his hometown of Lakeview Saturday, where Langdon Boulevard was renamed "Sgt. Robert Scott Boulevard" in his honor. He says he's overwhelmed by the tribute.

The street location has a special meaning because it's where Scott grew up. He lived on Langdon, played in the local streets and graduated from Malverne High School in 1991.

Scott now lives in Washington, D.C. near Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he continues to undergo therapy.

"I don't want to complain because I'm one of the lucky ones," Scott said. "I have many comrades back in D.C. with lost limbs and worse trauma than I have."