WOODBURY - A Westbury man says he was a victim of police brutality, and that it was caught on surveillance video.

Kyle Howell's attorneys say that the surveillance video shows two Nassau County police officers beating the 20-year-old after a traffic stop last month. Howell told News 12 that when he gave the officers his information, his paycheck started to fly out of his car door. He says when he reached for it, he was struck in the face by the officer’s knee.

“The next thing I remember, I was in the hospital,” says Howell.

The officers were identified in court documents as Vincent Logiudice and Basil Gomez.

His attorneys claim Howell’s face bones were fractured and his eyesight was threatened. They have filed a legal claim against Nassau County seeking unspecified damages.

The lawyers also accuse the police officers of lying in court filings. They say the officers claim that Howell assaulted them, tampered with physical evidence and resisted arrest.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice has launched a probe into the officer's actions and issued a statement saying, "We've seen this video and have been investigating both the actions of the officers as well as the charges that the police filed against Mr. Howell."

In a felony complaint, police claim they tried to stop Howell from disposing a bag of marijuana by eating it, which lead to the violent struggle. Nassau police would not comment on the incident, but confirm an internal investigation is being conducted.

The two officers have been placed on modified duty.

Howell was arrested twice in 2012 for petty larceny and marijuana possession. His next court date is scheduled for May 13.