GREAT NECK - A Westbury man at the center of a police brutality trial in 2014 is now facing charges in connection to a knifepoint robbery.

Prosecutors say that Kyle Howell went to Great Neck Plaza to deal drugs on Monday, but instead pulled out a knife and stole $400 from two people.

Police say when the 20-year-old male victim tried to fight back, his hands were cut, and that Howell started stabbing the back of the car seats.  Howell was arrested early Tuesday morning in Manhasset after police say the two victims identified him.

Police say Howell was in possession of cocaine, and the other two people in the car with him at the time of the arrest had Xanax.

As News 12 previously reported, surveillance video shows Howell being hit by Officer Vincent LoGiudice during a 2014 traffic stop in Westbury.

Officer LoGiudice was charged with police brutality and was facing up to seven years in prison.  In December, LoGiudice was found not guilty after Howell testified that he threw himself across the car to grab a bag of marijuana and then refused to open his hands.

Howell told News 12 as he was being brought into court for his arraignment in Hempstead on Tuesday that he feels like he is being framed. A police spokesperson called the statement "absurd."

The suspect is being held on $76,000 bond.