SOUTHAMPTON - Whether they like it or not, Southampton residents will be sharing their summer with at least two of the Kardashians.

Sisters Kourtney and Khloe are gearing up to shoot a new reality show called “The Kardashians Take the Hamptons.” They will be opening a pop-up version of their clothing store DASH. The store will be located on Jobs Lane between Joe Fresh and the Driver's Seat restaurant.

Some employees at the nearby Jobs Lane Deli welcome the family and hope they bring an influx of business.

Even without the Kardashians, summertime traffic is intense and village parking nearly impossible. This year, Mayor Mark Epley hopes to make it a little easier by testing out a valet parking program. The proposal would allow shoppers to spend hours in the area while leaving their car at a lot.

The village board of trustees is expected to vote on the valet parking plan next month. The mayor says he thinks it will cost around $10, adding that the lot locations are still being decided on.

DASH is expected to open next week.