WESTHAMPTON - A veteran who served in the Korean War was fined on Memorial Day for flying the American flag outside his home. Korean War veteran Buddy Savetz is locked in battle with the board of his Westhampton condo complex over the flag mounted to the front of his garage. He was fined $50 twice because it's against the rules to nail or drill into the outside of the condos. Late last year, new siding was put up on all the condos in the complex. The condo board sent a letter to residents telling them that nothing could be glued, screwed or nailed into the siding or trim because holes in the siding could void its warranty. Members of the board says the flag's holder is what violates the rules. They say Savetz is free to fly the flag on a pole or in a planter as other residents do. Condo association members hope to resolve the flag issue at tomorrow's annual meeting.