KINGS POINT - The Village of Kings Point has announced that it will be installing 44 surveillance cameras following a string of burglaries, raising privacy concerns among residents.

The recent break-ins prompted officials to put the community under surveillance with the cameras that will monitor 19 different locations.

The Kings Point Police Department says the cameras can track people who don't belong in the area by capturing the image of every license plate entering the village, running it through a scanner and comparing it against national and state databases.

Cops say the system can alert police if the person has entered the village with a car that may be linked to specific burglaries or home invasions.

Most recently, police say someone followed a woman home and stole her wedding ring off her finger. Kings Point Police Commissioner Jack Miller says had the cameras been in place then, they would have had a hit on the plate and type of car that entered the village.

While some residents applaud the idea of additional security, others, such as Carmen Anderson, have misgivings about sacrificing their privacy.

Cops say the first phase of the project will include cameras that will be installed in three different intersections. The intersections include East Shore Road and Hicks Lane, East Shore Road and Ravine Road and Baker Hill Road at Station Road.

Last year, the Village of Kings Point approved a bond to pay for the $1 million security system. All 44 cameras should be in place within three years.

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