BETHPAGE - Thousands of kids are enjoying the new trend of bottle flipping.

It involves filling a plastic bottle with liquid, tossing it in the air and trying to get it to land on its bottom.

Players also challenge themselves by trying to land the bottle on its cap.

The first flip can be traced to Michael Senatore -- a North Carolina high school student who flipped a bottle at high school talent show. A clip of the flip has been seen more than 6 million times on YouTube.

Schools in Levittown and East Northport say the game has become a distraction and won't permit bottle flipping on school grounds.

However, one parent said the game is harmless and teaches concentration.

"You can't complain," says parent Adam Cohen. "They are doing something that costs absolutely nothing. They aren't harming themselves. They are building up some muscle memory, some concentration. It's all good."