STONY BROOK - Doctors on Long Island have helped fix the rare lip, face and mouth malformation of a 10-year-old boy from Ecuador.

Kevin Rosero’s malformations had given him trouble speaking and eating. They also posed a risk of bleeding and enlarging, and could have caused obstruction of his airways or the loss of his vision.

Kevin was brought to the U.S. eight months ago. His trip was sponsored by the group Blanca’s House, a volunteer nonprofit of health care professionals. A Miller Place family hosted him during his time here.

Dr. Dagum, a plastic surgeon with the Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, met Kevin while performing free surgeries on a Blanca’s House mission in Ecuador. Dagum knew that Kevin needed to come to Long Island to be treated.

Dagum and neurosurgeon Dr. Henry Woo performed a series of surgeries on the boy over the duration of his stay.

Kevin says he is looking very handsome after his surgeries. He told News 12 that the doctors at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital saved his life.

Kevin’s surgeries aren’t the only success of his visit – despite not being able to speak any English when he first got here, he is now fluent in the language.

For more on the boy's life-saving surgery, watch the video to the left or visit News 12 Extra on Channel 612.