NEW HYDE PARK - A Williston Park man who has a criminal record for feeding wild pigeons is now hoping an appeals court throws out his conviction.

Kenneth Iacono was cited by North Hempstead town code inspectors for feeding pigeons at his parents home on Brussels Street in 2008.

After a lengthy court battle, Iacono was convicted of a criminal misdemeanor in 2011 and fined $50.

Iacono says the pigeons were eating at his parents' bird feeder. His attorney, Andrew Campanelli, claims the town pursued the code violation in criminal court in order to extract the maximum amount of money.

Campanelli asked a state appeals court in Central Islip to throw out his client's conviction.

Bill Newsome, who lives next door to Iacona's parents and the pigeons, filed the original complaint in 2008. He says that for the past eight years, he has not been able to use his deck because of the pigeon problem next door.

Newsome, who did not want to go on camera, says he is frustrated with the entire process and that after years of legal battles, fines and now an appeal, the pigeons problem persists.

Other neighbors that spoke with News 12 Long Island say they feel the same way.