WANTAGH - An estimated 36,000 people packed onto the sand at Jones Beach today, and News 12 Long Island has learned that there were only four state parks police officers on patrol to keep things in order. Just yesterday, one person was arrested and three people were seriously hurt at the beach when a massive fight broke out between the west bath house and the central mall. There were about 50,000 people at Jones Beach yesterday, but there were just four parks police officers and two sergeants on duty. There was another fight at Robert Moses Beach yesterday. Police say a man who was originally trying to stop a fight pulled out a knife and stabbed another man. There were nearly 26,000 visitors to Robert Moses yesterday, yet officials say there were only three state park police officers and two sergeants on duty. The State Parks Police Officers Association is blaming the officer shortage on state budget cuts. The group says that back in 2003, there were 126 state parks officers on Long Island, but that number has since dwindled to about 36 officers.Police: About 50 beachgoers involved in brawl at Jones Beach