MINEOLA - Jurors deliberating the fate of an Oceanside man accused in a deadly road rage accident today asked to hear testimony from witnesses and had the judge read back the definition of the charges for a fourth time.

Evan Potts faces second-degree manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide charges for allegedly running over and killing Ian Sharrin, 34, in Long Beach in 2009.

Potts' attorney, Stanley Kopilow, says his client feared for his life and was only trying to get away from Sharrin, who was coming at him in a steroid-fueled rage.

"Evan had been trying to make moves to try and get around Ian Sharrin, and Ian Sharrin was in front of the car pounding on it," Kopilow says. "That's when his left leg got caught under the car as Evan tried to flee."

Deliberations in Potts' case will resume Monday.

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