GARDEN CITY - A judge has rejected a plea deal for a woman involved in running a phony breast cancer charity and pocketing more than $500,000 in donations.

Great Neck couple David Winston and his wife, Mindy, were set to be sentenced today. In two separate plea deals, David Winston was to be sentenced to between two and seven years in prison, while Mindy's plea deal was for five years of probation.

The judge, however, told her attorney that he thinks Mindy Winston should serve time for her part in the fraud.

The couple has admitted that its Coalition for Breast Cancer Cures was a scam. They told prosecutors they ran the fake charity out of their Great Neck home, using hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to fund their lavish lifestyle.

The Winstons have already settled a civil case against them, agreeing to pay $1.5 million. Their three children, who were also involved in the scam, will each pay $25,000.

They are both scheduled to be back in court Oct.31.

Couple accused in charity scam ordered to pay upGreat Neck couple admits to running phony charity