CENTRAL ISLIP - A former Oyster Bay town officials who pleaded guilty to income tax evasion must reappear in court next month to answer new questions raised by the judge.

Frederick Ippolito had been Oyster Bay commissioner of Planning and Development since 2009. In January, Ippolito, 77, pleaded guilty to failing to pay taxes on $2 million in consulting fees from Carlo Lizza & Sons Paving Inc.

Wednesday was supposed to be sentencing day for the former official, but Judge Leonard D. Wexler declared that "something is rotten in Oyster Bay." He says Ippolito must tell the court what he did with the $2 million he received from the paving company and how it affected his decisions as planning commissioner. The judge also wants to know what he did to earn the money.  

Judge Wexler says if he doesn't get adequate answers, he could sentence Ippolito to the maximum sentence of five years in prison. He was expected to be sentenced Wednesday to 18 to 24 months.

Carlo Lizza & Sons Paving Inc. had no comment for News 12 Long Island.

Defense attorney Brian Griffin says Ippolito will provide answers to the judge's questions.

The former official is due back in court Aug. 23.