LOS ANGELES - (AP) - The house party is over for Lindsay Lohan, atleast while she's on house arrest.

Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner chided Lohan for havingrooftop parties at her home while serving house arrest on aprobation violation but said the actress hadn't violated any otherrules.

"If you are guilty of some violation of your probation, I don'tsee it," Sautner said. "What you are guilty of is extremely poorjudgment."

Lohan tearfully hugged her attorney, Shawn Holley, after thehearing.

Earlier, the actress told Sautner she wanted to put her courttroubles behind her.

"Do you want to get on with your life, tell me," Sautnerasked.

"Yes, I do," Lohan replied. It was the only time she spokeduring the hearing.

The judge said Lohan didn't violate her probation by testingpositive for alcohol during a recent test because probationofficials were unclear about whether she still had to undergo drugand alcohol testing.

Holley said after the hearing that Lohan had undergone morescrutiny than any other defendant and has been abiding by the termsof her sentence.

"She has done nothing wrong," Holley said, noting that alcoholis not illegal.