SHOREHAM - Construction of a solar farm in Shoreham will proceed after a judge dismissed a lawsuit intended to stop the work. 

Michael Goralski is part of a group of homeowners who raised money, hired an attorney and filed the lawsuit against developer sPower in an attempt to stop the construction of a 60-acre solar farm on what is currently the DeLalio Sod Farm field.

The project was originally scheduled to be complete by the end of last year, but residents fought against it at the time.

Jason Stern, an attorney for sPower, says the claims from some residents that the solar farm would be an eyesore and lower property values is unmerited. He also says his client will now move forward with the project after more than a year of legal battles.

Goralski says his group may consider appealing the judge's decision.

SPower plans to being construction on the solar project within the next 10 days.