KRAKOW, Poland - A Holocaust survivor now living on Long Island made a somber journey back to the Nazi concentration camp where he spent several hellish months. Irving Roth, of Williston Park, says he lost many friends and relatives at the hands of the Nazis. Most of his family was sent straight to the gas chamber, but he survived months of horrors at Auschwitz, the most notorious Nazi camp. He still bears the identification number that was tattooed on his arm when he was a prisoner. Roth, 83, traveled back to Auschwitz as a survivor to make sure the memories of the millions who were lost can live on. "'Never again' is not just a slogan," he says.To watch an extended interview with Roth, go to channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select the 'iO Extra' tab.News 12 Long Island series: Journey of RemembranceJourney of Remembrance Part I: LI students travel to Auschwitz