MANORVILLE - A Manorville man was held without bail Thursday in the deaths of two prostitutes more than 20 years ago, and prosecutors are looking to charge him in the murder of a third woman.

John Bittrolff was arraigned on a grand jury indictment. He is accused of brutally beating and strangling Rita Tangredi, and then dumping her body in East Patchogue in November 1993.

Bittrolff is also accused of strangling Colleen McNamee and dumping her body in Shirley two months later.

Police say the suspect left their bodies in uniquely posed positions and that he stole an article of their clothing.

Prosecutors say that semen found on both women matches John Bittrolff.  They also said that wood chips were found on the victims' bodies, which is significant because Bittrolff is a carpenter.

The description of the murders during the arraignment was so graphic at times that Tangredi's sister had to leave the courtroom. Prosecutors for the first time revealed that there is evidence linking Bittrolff to the murder of a third woman, Sandra Castilla.

Bittrolff has not been charged with the murder of Castilla, but prosectors say they are working to do so.

He is due back in court in September.