WOODBURY - A Selden man is sharing his love of and struggles with surfing in a new film.

John Beattie started surfing when he was a teenager, but lost movement in two of his limbs after a stroke in 2007. Following an arduous rehab stint, Beattie decided to get behind the camera.

He spent three years filming the surfers and beaches along the South Shore of Long Island, from Long Beach all the way out to Montauk. Aptly titled "A Hundred Miles to The End," the film was shown at a Montauk film festival, providing insight into the local surfing culture.

Yet more importantly, Beattie says filming at the shore helped him get back to his roots. "The whole idea of going to the beach and being reconnected with surfing and being in the water, that really helped give me the strength mentally and physically to keep going," he says.

The film is available on demand.