WOODBURY - Joey, the lovable pit bull puppy who was tossed from a moving car, is finally settling into a permanent home.

Town of Islip officials announced today that Dr. Lynda Louden, the veterinarian who nursed Joey back to health, will be permanently adopting him. Louden has fostered the dog at her home so he's already familiar with the vet and her family."He loves one of my dogs, they are best friends and they go everywhere together," Louden says. "He loves my son and he's bonded to us." As Joey gets permanently settled in, authorities say they have still not found the person who is responsible for throwing him out the window. A $27,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest.Pit bull puppy thrown from car to be adoptedPuppy tossed from car now walking on his ownPuppy making progress after being tossed from moving car