WOODBURY - The State Department of Labor has released new figures today showing that the unemployment rate is down on Long Island from 7.2 percent in Aug. 2010 to 6.8 percent last month. However, unemployed Long Islanders say they are not feeling the effects of the dropping jobless rate. Janette McGregor, of Jericho, says she's discouraged because she's been trying to find a job since she was laid off in March. So now, McGregor is going back to school and heading into the growing medical field. Labor officials say they've seen jobs being added in professional and business services, educational services and health services. The situation is bleaker, however, in the fields of leisure and hospitality, the financial sector, manufacturing, construction and government employment.The Department of Labor says the unemployment rate is down partially because people are finding jobs outside of Nassau and Suffolk counties. The other reason for the drop is the people are no longer counted as unemployed when they stop actively looking for a job.