ISLIP - New York Jets fans on Long Island are getting ready for this weekend's big playoff game against the New England Patriots.Mayor Michael Bloomberg has already predicted the Jets will go to the Super Bowl, but they first have to beat the Patriots in Foxboro, Mass and win another game after that.Some fired-up fans are planning to watch the game at Lily Flannigan's in Islip, where they will have a tailgate party before the kickoff.Gene Moscatelli, a manager at Modell's in Islip, says if the Jets win Sunday, sales on the team's merchandise, from T-shirts to hats, would skyrocket. "This is our second holiday season, basically," Moscatelli says.If the Jets prevail, they'll take on either the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Baltimore Ravens for the AFC championship.The Super Bowl will be held Feb. 6 in Texas.